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Fire Agate from Mexicoobsidian, sodalite, fossile stonegradationsrutilated quartz, amber, white/brown moonstone, lapis lazulimexican red amber with insectiron tigereye, brown/white moonstone, golden obsidian, amazonite, aventurine, quartzblues - light, dark, skymore necklacesbanglesBraceletsBracelets

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Guestbook for Piedras & Macrame 天然石+マクラメアクセサリー
Kaori Adachi Photography
Yes! I do sell them and I can ship them to anywhere as long as the destination is safely reachable. I'd love to make something nice for your wife's birthday. Let me know which ones you liked and your (or her) favorite colors. Write to me to; [email protected], looking forward to hearing from you.
Are you selling any of these ornaments? I did love some of these works and since it is my wife’s birthday coming up next month, I think it would be a big surprise to her if I can gift her that.

:: ::
Hello Kaori,

you are the artist?? You are a genius, really a great artist!!
I'm looking forward for more....
Kaori Adachi Photography
Hello Helga! Thank you for your kind message as always. Yeah, I make them! More photos and details of this art will be posted soon!
Hi Kaori,

it's always a pleasure to see news from you!
This is wonderful, incredible!! Where have you seen it, who is the artist??
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