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被災者の言葉から-「天災だから人を恨まなくていいのが救いかな。」 「もう笑うしかありません。笑ってごまかしているというのか、自分を励ましているというのか。考えるとつらくなるからね」
what my eyes witnessed the tragedy happened on March 11 2011. All pictures were taken in Miyagi prefecture on April 5th. if you want..
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Guestbook for devastation - 3 weeks after the disaster 2011
Hi Kaori,

if you see it again and again this destruction is still incomprehensible....
Very impressive pictures....People in Japan have all my compassion.
Such tragic images. You really captured some very moving scenes. My continued prayers to the people of Tohoku.
Andrew Graeme Gould(non-registered)
Looking through these, it's still unimaginable even after seeing the destruction in video footage again and again on television. Well documented...
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