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India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Philippines, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan - インド、スリランカ、ネパール、フィリピン、韓国、シンガポール、台湾
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Keywords:India, Nepal, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan

Guestbook for Asia outside Japan -      アジアいろいろ
Andrew Graeme Gould(non-registered)
All so wonderful, Kaori!
laxman singh (karni-niwas)(non-registered)
really mesmerising photos very close to heart and truly touches highest form of creativity it gives real insight for people as well places and it covered all the globe and also people from all continent and backround so this one made this very unique and awesome.you just come to an age for your skill and you will reach ur pinnacle very soon.god bless you with huge and ample of creativity.
Martin Alberts(non-registered)
I love your site ! Perhaps you are interested in my site
"Different pictures of Amsterdam" ?
Have fun...
Markus Mayer(non-registered)
Ich finde keine Worte, die deine Bilder beschreiben könnten. Aber Du hast Fotos die alles sagen!

Du bist eine geniale Fotografin, Kaori, und hast das Gespür für das Wesentliche - das Eigentliche.
Never in my life had seen professional fotos like on that webpage! It's a gift you have, a real talent!
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